Custom trigger stops working after a rollover instance on slide

Dec 22, 2014

So I have a slide with three rollovers on it. When the user roll their mouse over each, it shows a new layer. When they mouse out, the layer disappears. Works like I want it to. But, then the other trigger no longer works. For example, I have to offer a keyboard key press trigger to move the slide forward in addition to the "next" button in the player. That trigger doesn't work once the learner rolls over any of the targets on the slide. Has anyone experienced that? Solutions?

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Todd Domingo

Hi Emily,

Yes, I am working locally. I attached my test slide where I had been testing it. Essentially, what I want to be able the key trigger to do is act similar to a rollover.

If the learner presses "A" for example, I want the layer to show for A. Then if they press "B", the A layer disappears and "B" shows. Now I got it to do that at one point, then started noticing that when I did, the left arrow and the right arrow triggers no longer work, or any triggers I created for that matter. I can't press Home, P, R, etc (you'll see on the file). The only way to move out of this slide at this point are the controls on the player (Next and Previous).

Similarly, when I use a mouse to hover over the boxes, the layer shows as expected and when I mouse out, the layer gets hidden again. BUT again, once that's done, none of the triggers work anymore either. The learner can't press the left and right arrows on their keyboard nor can they use any other keyboard triggers I created. Again, the only thing active are the next and previous buttons on the player. 

I tried different combos for the layers so you may see some weird combinations. But generally, what I described above is what I wanted.




Wendy Farmer

Hi Todd

I am able to rollover A and see rollover text, rollover B and see rollover text, rollover C and see rollover text.  I am then able to click the next button and go to the next slide, and then click prev button and return to start slide. (these are the default Next/Prev)  I can do rollovers again and press right arrow and the next slide appears.

Not sure what you mean by Home P R buttons I don't see any of them in your test story.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Todd,

As Wendy mentioned, I'm seeing the same behavior in the file and everything seems to be working. I know you mentioned you were working locally, but you may also want to check into what update of Storyline you're using (latest is update 3), try importing it into a new file to resolve the behavior, or if you're seeing odd behavior in all your Storyline files look at conducting the repair of Storyline. 

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