Custom Triggers on Next button continually reset

In the course I'm building, the primary navigation is through the back, next, and submit buttons.  My course isn't linear though, so often times the next button goes to a different slide (that is, the slide not the next number higher), or a different slide upon a condition. 

Frequently, if I go and visit any of the slides in the editor that have a next button that goes somewhere other than the slide chronologically after it, the triggers I have on it delete and it reverts back to to its default functionality.  That is, the custom trigger goes away complete and often ends up rearranges my slides and their numbers.

To be clear, this only happens when I'm building in articulate so the published file is unaffected (assuming I check to make sure the triggers are cooperating before I publish). 

Is there any way to fix this on my end, or is it slated to be on the next patch?

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Matt McGee

To confirm, I am working on the files as instructed. 

I figured out the specific cause.  If a slide with the triggers on next is moved at all in the scene sidebar menu (or I'm assuming, but unconfirmed, story view), the trigger on the next button changes even though it is custom. 

What is happening to me is that if when I click on it, and if my mouse moves even slightly when I am clicking, it can drop the slide into a new position.  This happens at the slightest movement.  However unlike the triggers on a regular button, if a slide is accidentally moved the next button triggers change as demonstrated in this recording.  You can watch the highlighted trigger change.

Is this trigger change intended or unintended?


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Matt,

Thanks for sharing the video of the behavior. It was difficult to see the triggers but I think I saw what you're referring to, and moving the item in that panel is also going to update the triggers based on where you moved the item to it looks like? I'd want to see one of your actual .story files and how the triggers are set up to take a look at this further. You can share even just a few slides here.