Custom "Try Again" Button - doesn't allow the Learner to try again.

I have a multiple question quiz slide that contains a try again slide layer. When the Learner clicks the "Try Again" button, the slide layer hides but doesn't allow them to try the question again if they responded incorrectly. How do I make it so the Learner can retry the question?

FYI - I also have a custom slide layer that when the Learner does get the question correctly it reveals this layer that I call "End" which only plays audio that says. "Click the next button". Could this custome slide layer that I created be causing the issue?

Thanks for any advice that I can get.

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Kevin Thorn

Hi Omar,

Without seeing your project file the only thing comes to mind is what you already assume. Typically, quiz slides whether default or converted to freeform need to have the "Correct, Incorrect" and "Try Again" layers properly labeled and spelled. 

The layer you have labeled "End" may be the issue. Again, hard to say without troubleshooting.

Kartik Tyagi

Hi Omar,

When you are pressing the "Try again" button you need to change the state of all the shapes/check box/ radio button to normal so that a user will select them again.


Right now whats happening, I think there's only one trigger on your "try again" button which says hide layer- this layer. Whereas all the other buttons are in selected state.

Omar Garces

Good Morning Kevin and Kartik,

Thank you both for you advice. I went ahead and just created a new multiple question slide and didn't play around with the feedback slides. This definitely worked and the Learner is able to "Try Again". 

I now have another problem. After the user clicks "Continue" after getting the question right I need the timeline to continue where there is a another audio file that states, "Click the Next button". I got to pause the timeline at cue point 1 and continue when the correct slide layer hides but now my "Next" button doesn't work. It doesn't go to the next slide. The previous layer hides so I'm not sure why it's not letting me go next.

I have attached the quiz question here-to in case you can help me with this new hurdle.

Thank you both in advance.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Omar,

Thanks for sharing your project file and letting us take a look. The issue seems to lie in the trigger on your "correct" layer to jump to the same slide again, and removing that allowed the next button to be accessible again. I would use the normal "hide this layer" trigger and allow the user to return to the base layer slide. You will need a way to tell the slide to resume the timeline, so that you can hear your audio - maybe you want to use the value of a variable that you could set on the correct layer?  Check out the adjustments I made to your project which is now attached.