Custom variable persistence between sessions

I see that there's a way to get my custom variable values to the LMS using this approach:

I had a couple of questions on that: 1) Does it work reliably? 2) How can I read that variable value back into my course when a user loads it a subsequent time, if that's even possible?

In short, the ability to add custom variables is nice but it's kind of a cute novelty if I can't persist the data between sessions for the user. Any direction the community can provide is appreciated.

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Steve Flowers

Hey Jason - 

That's a bit different use case. In the linked article, this refers to sending the value to the LMS so that it can be reported as interaction data. In the case of variables that are restored, these are stored within a single field called suspend data. This is the "LMS Cookie" and will restore back into the Story file each time the file is relaunched unless one of two things happens:

1) The user's progress is reset in the LMS

2) The user's progress is reset in the Storyline player (clicking no when asked to resume)

I almost always set my story files to always resume so the user doesn't have the opportunity to destroy their progress. 

Steve Flowers

It's preference. With always resume it will always jump back to the previously visited slide and all retained properties including slide states and variables will be retained. I prefer this to giving the option because I've seen folks click no either purposely or on accident expecting that they'd just be dropped back to the beginning but wouldn't lose progress. The disaster is they lost everything. Notes that were kept in fields, simulation scores, pre-test scores that tailored the experience, etc.. All lost. There shouldn't be any reason that these should be purgeable without some intentional author or admin control.

One downside, if they get bound up or something locks (never seen this in Storyline, have in Captivate) the only way to reset is by resetting status in the LMS. Some LMS, like ours, won't allow reset if the user has already completed the module. Like I said, never seen this problem in Storyline. But have seen it a couple of times in Captivate.