Custom video player: anything new?

Hi Heroes,

I work on a project with videos in it.
The basic video player does not work for me, I want the users to be able to watch the video in full screen and I'd like a more "common" design.

I choose to use an html video player, the problem is that My web objects are pretty big (I need several video format to make sure the video will work on every browser), which imply a pretty big SL file in the end and more work on the videos in the first place.

I read a lot of threads about it, I tried to create my own video player using SL but I can not get a real seekbar.
I just wonder if there is something new on the topic or if there is something I missed.


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Michael Anderson

There is a free HTML5 video player called VideoJS player, that you could insert into your project as a web object. This can complicate things some though, if you are trying to control the timing of the video with the rest of the course, as you will need to use some javascript code to "talk" to the video portion of the page. You can see a demo of it working, it is the last demo on my Demos page at the link below. There is even a sample project file you can use to test out the functionality.

Salomé Desanges

Thanks for you answer Michael !
I will try to work with this player.

About the issue I have with video format: Browser such as Chrome, Opera and Firefox can not read mp4 in an html player, they read ogg or webm format (depends on the version) and Internet explorer or Safari read mp4 but no webm or ogg.
So in my html folder, I have all the video files with different format and it can quickly lead to a heavy folder, and a heavy Scorm in the end.

I found how to convert my video in webm with both good quality and low size, even if my computer is not that powerful.

For those who might have the same issues,I used FFMPEG (open free software)

How to install and use:

Convert Mp4 to Webm

This way my final Scorm zip is not that heavy but the video quality remain pretty good.