Custom volume button

Aug 20, 2020

Hi guys! 

I've created my own volume button and added the code below to turn off/on the sounds:

var appState = require("helpers/appState");
appState.currentVolume(0); // or (1) when turn on

I've noticed that this code works in older Storyline version. I've installed the newest version and it doesn't work. 

Do you have some workaround for this? 

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Brian Allen

Sam, thank you, I appreciate that. Was hoping to find some other examples, such as how to set a specific volume level at the beginning of the course, how to create a mute button, those sorts of things.

Not being a javascript guy I am unable to figure out from your example how to do these things that (I assume) are relatively easy to do now?

Brian Allen

This. IS. Amazing!!

Thank you so much for these examples... One quick question: I've tried to figure out what the purpose might be (how you're using) %lastvolume% but can't see anything obvious. Would you be able to elaborate on how it could/should be used in these examples?

Once again, very much appreciate you taking the time to share  your expertise here. This community never fails to amaze me.



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