Custom xAPI statement feature

Hi community & Articulate,

It is no secret that xAPI is the wave of the future and instead of inserting the ever increasing complicated javascript into the slides, would it not be a good idea to get ahead of this and add this as a "feature"? Lectora has this built into their actions and I could easily see it being a future trigger in Storyline with a choice of verbs etc.

Is this something that the community, in general, is interested in seeing implemented? Also, does Articulate have any big plans for any xAPI features moving into the future?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ros,

Thanks for reaching out with your question.

When publishing to LMS, you have the ability to output Tin Can API, which is xAPI:

It sounds like you have some additional features in mind. You're welcome to share your suggestions/ideas along with the use-case directly with our team here so that we can better understand.

Ben McKenna

I definitely support this idea!

Only just beginning my own journey into learning xAPI. It appears like Storyline's native xAPI output reports standard data like entering and leaving slides. But the real appeal of xAPI to me (and I'm sure other developers) is how powerful custom statements can be... e.g. reporting when a user presses a specific button, or when variable changes.

It would be great if Storyline had a new "Send xAPI statement" trigger where we could define actors, verbs and objects. And keep track of them in some sort of xAPI glossary.

Just an idea :)

Andy Cope

I am looking to buy Storyline and was told it already had custom xAPI features.

I want to produce a series of short system training assessments and need to validate that a delegate has clicked the right radio button, pressed the right button, selected the right option from a dropdown and entered the right text. Is this not possible?

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Ben,

I appreciate you chiming in to share your thoughts and ideas as well. I'm passing this information to our team on your behalf.

Hey Andy,

Here is our documentation on the Tin Can API/xAPI content. You can certainly use the actions that you mentioned within your Storyline content to meet requirements and control navigation/feedback, and they will track in your quiz as well.

Ros McNamee

Hi Leslie: Yes I have made a feature request for this in the past, but I will 100% make another, especially seeing the support. Right now the way TinCan/xAPI works in Storyline is very basic. It's mirroring what we already know with SCORM instead of providing the data points it is really capable of. It all seems just too dependent on a real coding background and knowledge in javascript. Better if it worked like Lectora, with an "Insert custom xAPI statement" onclick for example, would be ideal. 

Ben: Glad to hear some demand for such a feature. It's been years of struggling with javascript, endpoints, window workarounds etc... Something solid would help out a lot.

Andy: There is no custom xAPI feature in Storyline right now. It can be publish to TinCan but only has basic features like I mentioned above. It would really separate itself from the pack if it were to jump on this as soon as possible. Big data is here to stay and all I am hearing is we need more and more data points. It will help identify key elements in courses where people are struggling and can help us all build the perfect learning experience for our users.

I really don't think this feature should be an "IF" it should happen and more of a "WHEN" it will happen. Other companies are really pushing it and I would love to see Storyline take over and do it right.


Wow!! This discussion is over a year ago and we still don't have any solution/feature like it?

I am also struggling with custom statements if they help me. Let me know if someone has the same/similar scenario.

I have a slider on one slide. I want to send the 'value' of the changed variable to the LSR when user slides it with maybe the help of a custom verb like "slider1Changed" or similar. I want to record the variable value in LRS. I did not find any solution to do this. Let me know if any one did.

I am using learnDash with Tincanny reporting tool.



Andrew McCallister

Does anyone know what the status of this request is?

Right now I'm looking into bootstrapping Storyline's built-in xAPI exporting feature in order to create custom requests. What I'd like to do is be able to retrieve statements and make decisions based on where the learner has been. This will help immensely for courses that have multiple storyline files to be able to talk to each other.

I've used custom xAPI solutions (TinCan.js, etc.), but then I have to build everything myself. It'd be nice to have the default Storyline xAPI output with some added custom statements to make it work really well.

Here's to hoping that Articulate will provide something for this soon.

Vincent Scoma

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for inquiring about this feature! 

We are continuing to track requests for this feature, so I will be sure to share your comments with our team. I wanted to share a bit more about how we work to prioritize feature requests here: How We Manage Feature Requests

I appreciate you reaching out and sharing your thoughts with us!