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Hello, legends,

I'm new to this industry. one of my friends asked to help this, I don't know about this, can anyone please help me.

Present a set-up – customer calling to Customer Service
Their interaction – dialogue
Present it in the most engaging manner 
Add relevant triggers/layers/interactivities to suit the content
Let customer give details of the item ordered
Finally, resolve the customer issue, inform them that their package is on track. 
Wrap up as happy customer conversation.  
List out assumptions on the 1st screen of your sample.


Thanks for your support.

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Walt Hamilton

Use the built-in characters, speaking the dialogue script provided by the client. After every customer statement, give the service rep a choice of 2 wrong and one right answer. Put a layer that gives feedback to the rep's answer, explaining why it is right or wrong. After the correct response is chosen, move to the next slide with a new comment from the customer.

You may want to present the material first, and use the scenario as a wrap-up or summary activity, or even an assessment.

Use this as a starting point, and give it your best shot. If you run into trouble, come back and attach what you have, and somebody can help you over the rough spots.