Customer Course Player

I am using a customer course player that was developed by someone else.  Long story, but I am unable to contact that person.  This customer player is in the Master slide as a layer and has all kinds of controls.

1. When using layers, the "previous and next" controls do not appear.  I can only use a layer from the main base.

2. On the base layer, when I set a variable to true, then create a trigger to move another object once the variable is true, it doesn't work.

Is this something I need to pose to the support people?




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Walt Hamilton

#2. Using the value of the variable to move an object depends on what action you use to initiate the trigger. Most interactions of this type fail because there is no action to initiate the trigger. Use  "When variable changes", or "When user clicks" or "When timeline reaches", then add a condition "If value of variable = True".

Those are all actions that happen and are reliable means of firing triggers.

Norma Kaplan

Articulate Support Staff is great.  Renato explained what I needed to do regarding my #2 issue (above) about moving an object.  

Renato also gave me link to check out an accordion style template to answer my #1 issue - don't know why I didn't think of the solution before.