Customer Play/Pause button working in Master slide but not in layer

I added a play/pause to my Master Slide, which works as it is supposed to for all slides except one. On the slide I attached, I have a layer. When I click "pause" when listening to this layer, the audio stops but not the animation of the character.  When I hit "play" the audio resumes, but then typically the character is done moving so it no longer corresponds with the audio. What am I not doing so that when I hit pause, the audio AND the animation stop on both the base layer and the subsequent layer?

Thank you.

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Vanessa Sasser

Hi Alyssa, sorry for the delay. I  am not sure what happened when I tried to separate this slide out so I could send to you, but I see that the audio didn't transfer. I have updated the slide and have attached it now. I am still having the same issue where I cannot pause the animation on the layer "speaker program" although I can pause the audio. Thank you for your help!

Crystal Horn

Hi Vanessa.  Thanks for re-attaching your file!  I was able to have a look.

You have your play/pause buttons on the slide master layout, which includes a layer.  Your actual slide, however, uses its own layer.  The layer on the slide utilizes a feedback master layout, so the triggers on your slide master are not carrying over.

I think the easiest way to get your layer to function properly is to simply copy and paste your play/pause buttons onto your slide layer.  It sounds like this is the only slide with that layer problem.

Let me know how you make out with that suggestion!