Customised bookmark feature in storyline 2

Apr 07, 2016


I have 2 icons (Add bookmark and View bookmark). The course has approx 70 slides. When i click on add bookmark, the slide titles must be displayed on another slide (bookmarked slide). When i click on view bookmarks, then it should take me to Bookmarked slide where all the slide title are displayed. Attached the storyline sample for reference. I have achieved this to an extent and need help if it can be enhanced.

1. Currently, the slides that are not bookmarked are hidden in bookmarked slide. So there will be a gap between the slide titles. For example, Slide 1 is bookmarked, Slide 3 is bookmarked. Now there is a gap in between slide 1 and 3. Can we do something about it?

2.  The user should be able to delete the bookmarked slide numbers in the Bookmarked slide.

Looks confusing though but need a solution for this.


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Matthew Bibby

Hi Ranjeeta,

There is a lot to consider with this!

Regarding your first question, no, not really. Unfortunately, there is no way to get the objects on your 'bookmarked slides' screen to rearrange themselves based on the user's selection.

If I was building this functionality, here is what I'd try:

  • Lay out the bookmark slide with all of the titles (each in their own text box). Then change the normal state so that the titles are a light gray by default (so they can be seen, but not easily read). Then add a selected state to each text box in which the titles are a darker colour and trigger this state whenever a page is bookmarked. 
  • Alternatively, if complexity appeals, you could try creating a button that has a different state for each possible title. Then you could use triggers to cycle through all of the possible selections and show them in the correct order. This would take a lot of effort to set up, but I can't see any reason why it wouldn't possible.

Regarding your second question, this should be pretty easy to do. Just set up the 'delete' button so it adjusts the relevant variable (e.g. change 1 to False when the user clicks) and then jump back to your 'bookmarked slides' slide so that is can reevaluate what options to show on the screen (you might need to change the When revisiting option in the Slide Properties to Reset to Initial State to have this work correctly).

Hope that helps!

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