Customised Try Again prompt box


I have created a Pick Many question, and designed a customised 'Try Again' prompt box (the layer is Ans_Blank) if the user didn't answer the question. I set trigger to bring up Ans_Blank, but it is bringing up the default prompt box instead. I'm not sure what went wrong.

Please help - this is much appreciated!

Story file attached - this is done in Storyline 3.

Thank you.

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Megan Yeo

Hi Crystal

I have tried adding conditions to Submit interaction but it is still not working. The conditions I added are as followed:

Submit interaction Pick Many, when the user clicks:

Checkbox 1 state is selected, OR Checkbox 2 state is selected, OR Checkbox 3 state is selected, OR Checkbox 4 state is selected, OR Checkbox 5 state is selected

Is there anything wrong with this?

Thank you.