Customising default "next storyline slide"

Apr 08, 2014


I have imported several Engage interactions into a Storyline project. At the end of the interaction, the prompt "Next Storyline Slide" appears at the top right of the screen.

Is it possible to change the prompt's text to, say, "Next slide"? I just want to make the Storyline - Engage integration seamless.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dave,

Yes, you can customize the button label or remove it as detailed below:

  • Show 'Next Slide' Button:  Use this drop-down list to determine when the Next Slide button will appear in your interaction, which allows users to advance to the next slide in your course:  NeverAlways, or When complete.
  • Button Label:  If you choose to display the Next Slide button (see above), use the Button Label field to specify the text you want to appear on the button in your published story.  This is where you would, for example, translate "Next Slide" into another language if you were developing a course for an audience that doesn't read English.

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