Customising Next/Previous buttons or Language option

Hi, I'm working on a project that I thought would be fairly straightforward, but currently it isn't.

The client has the same presentation in 6 different languages and wants to have buttons on the opening slide where they pick their language - simple - I can manage that.

Where is gets hard is that they would ideally like the Previous and Next buttons to either be icons (so they are not language specific) or a player can be applied to a certain scene and we can change the default language for these buttons in that. Are either of those possible in Storyline 2?

(They need it by the end of the day!)

Thanks for any help


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Brett Rockwood

We run into this all the time. You can edit the text labels in the Player. If all you want to do is change Prev/Next you can just find them in the list and change them to < and > so there is no language just the symbols.

It gets trickier if you want to edit all of the other elements such as warnings, etc. No smooth way to do that if you have more than 2 languages. (We often do French and English and have created a custom set where we've added French translation to follow the standard English ones separated with a slash, e.g., "Yes / Oui". It's kind of clumsy but works in a pinch.)

I agree being able to set text labels on a scene by scene level would be very useful.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Achyut, 

There isn't a way to modify the player next, previous buttons from the symbols < >

We are continuously exploring new features, and customer input is extremely valuable in that process. If having this ability is something that would improve your experience using Articulate you can submit a feature request here