Customizable certificate template - report.html

Hi all,

I have been struggling on a Custom Certificate using the method Brian Batt posted on //

He has a report.html file available there for Quizmaker, but I was wondering if anyone has a simplified (template like) report.html for a Storyline Certificate?!

I tried using that report.html file but it does not work.

Does anyone have a solution.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tin,

Thanks for reaching out here - and the customized certificates using the report.html file is not something we can offer support for, but you can see the documentation we have here in terms of ways in which you could look at adjusting it. Hopefully others in the community will be able to assist you with other ideas or ways in which to set it up. 

tin C

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your response and I understand that there no official support for it. I did follow that article and the jpeg shows up, but the rest of the page is blank. I think its due to the fact that the files shared in that article is for quiz maker and I am looking to incorporate it in Storyline 2.

I have a course release next week and I was really hoping to customize the report file. I hope some in the community has a solution.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tin,

The same steps should apply in Storyline as they do in Quizmaker - if it's blank though, I'd also want to confirm that you're viewing the content in the intended publish environment as testing it locally could be contributing to the behavior you're seeing. You can view more information about that here along with some websites you could use as a testing platform. 

Vaughan Martin

Tin C,

I know this string is old, but did you find a solution to the blank Report? I too have made an altered Reprot.html but like you am coming up with a blank png file.

I am publishing to "CD" for testing. If I use the stock report.html file that's generated when publishing. I get the persons name, marks, answer information , etc. When I use the altered report.html, I only end up with a blank picture.

Any assistance would be appreciated,

Crystal Horn

Hi there Vaughan.  Sorry you're running into trouble!  In case Tin isn't still subscribed to this discussion, you can use the Contact Me option on his profile to reach him directly.  I know that Articulate can't offer help with modifying the published output, but the community is usually great for these situations!