Customization of Survey Result

Hello Team,


I am using Storyline 360 for Survey, but when I try to print the Result it comes in table format but very unorganized manner. Is there any way to bifurcate the result in to Question on one side and there selected options on other side.


Please let me know if we can do any thing to get result in organized format.

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Anagha Krishnan

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for your reply but can you please send me your .story file so that i can understand, how you have used the Survey Questions.

And what i want is like i have 1 Question with 10 Sub type with 5 options for each sub type from Agree to disagree. After printing that result I get the output as one single text in Question section and Sub text and the selected options in Student Answer section and it is in very clattered manner. it becomes difficult to understand which option have user selected.

I know this may sound like i am talking in air without any Screen shot. But please can you try what i have said here and see if we can get any other way to publish it in formatted manner.

Please let me know and if not possible then i have to design a dummy story file with same format.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Divesh!

Nope, you explained it perfectly. Sounds like you're using a likert survey question and that makes the report a bit messier.

There is not a built in way to change this behavior, but hopefully someone in the community will be able to chime in and assist here or perhaps this thread will help get you started.