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Mar 06, 2013

Is there an easy way to customize the marker button?. I just want to change the actual icon to another circle with our company's logo....

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Kara,

I don't think you can, but you may be able to achieve the same effect a little differently...

Use a normal button, with your company logo exactly on top of the marker icon (with the same dimensions). That will kinda keep the swirl or pulse effect you are (likely) going for.

Then use a trigger like : Change state of marker shape to "Hover" if mouse hovered over button x (restore on mouse leave checked).

Hope this helps,

Kevin Thorn

Sounds like a great feature request >

Ability to add/edit Marker icons.

I ran into this with a recent client. The solution was to create custom animated markers in Flash that acted and behaved similar to the default Storyline markers only with their corporate branding colors and custom icons. 


  • Slick custom look/feel
  • Custom action on how the description text box appears


  • Custom Flash skills needed
  • Will not work on iPad
Bill Harnage

Hey Kara,

Hope this helps..

Step 1 - select the maker

Step 2 - go to the Format tab

Step 3 - Change the marker icon

Step 4 - Select no icon

Step 5 - Edit the state and add your own icon

OR, as Phil mentioned

Step 1 - select the maker

Step 2 - go to the Format tab and select Marker Fill (right under the #2 in the image)

Step 3 - select Picture

Kriss Laber

I'm feeling a little silly. @Bill, when you you say select "no icon," do you mean to use a plain marker or is there an option to demove the marker all together without losing the pop-out label? The marker works beautifully with JAWS, so I want to use it in plave of tabbed interactions. But I also want to change the markers. I can shoose a plain marker and change the state to have a custom image in it, but once it's selected, the marker pops to the front and covers my desired content. 

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