Customize Navigation based on Page's Interaction Status/Score?

I am creating a course using custom navigation buttons instead of the player buttons. Currently I have the buttons on the slide master to avoid having to duplicate on each slide. I want to have the navigation button behave differently if there is an incomplete graded interaction on the current page.

Is there any way to modify actions/triggers based on the presence and status of an interaction on the current page? I see the variables for a results page, but I don't see any variables for an individual page that show the score or presence of an interaction.


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Peter Anderson

Hi Dane!

You can prevent users from advancing too quickly by disabling the built-in Next button until they've met certain conditions, such as clicking all the buttons on the slide or listening to all the narration. Another option is to remove the built-in Next button and create your own custom button for navigation, like you've done. Or, you can restrict navigation for your entire course by making a simple change to your player settings. 

This article goes into more detail on each of these methods. 

Dane Boyington

Thanks, this is helpful. However I was hoping to do a navigation button that was general, that I could build once on the master slide. The method shown require the button to be built for each page. I would assume that the page properties needed for this are available internally for the player's navigation button and the results pages, properties like "isThisPageAnInteraction", "isThisPageInteractionsComplete", and "isThisPageInteractionsCorrect". (I made these up of course - noone try to use these!)

I was impressed that an update is already out - I missed that one but I'll put in a feature request for this.