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Feb 04, 2013


I am looking to do one of the following:

1) customize the color and size of the scroll bar in the scrolling pane AND to be able to move the scroll bar to the other side ( the left side ) of the scrolling pane. Are any of these possible?

2) create my own scrolling pane in storyline through the use of buttons and triggers.

Are any of these possible?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi David,

1). Unfortunately, no. Currently there is no built-in feature to customize the color or position of the scroll bar. This would be an excellent feature request, though, if you haven't submitted one already. 

2). This depends - what type of content do you want in your scrolling panel? Does it need to be interactive? If users don't need to interact with the content, you could simulate this with a screencast or video. 

If you do need interaction with the panel (created with shapes, etc.) you could try using hot spots and triggers with layers. You could also use animations (fade in and out effects would probably work nice with this) to make the transition appear a little more fluid.

I'm curious to see what you can accomplish with this. Let me know if you find any additional information, too!

Good luck with the project David,


Laura Payette

Based on this thread, I'm guessing the answer to my question is no, but I'll ask anyway: Can you rotate a scrolling panel box? I created a graphic of an iPhone with a news app and want users to be able to scroll down to read the full "news" story I wrote. However, I wanted to put the whole phone image at an angle (355 degrees). Doesn't look like I can rotate the scrolling pane box to make this work, though. Please tell me I'm just missing something!

first aesir

I actually have foud a workaround for this, and its very simple. Just use the slider, ad a couple of boxes as layers, ad a main text and give it 3 stances. In each one, just move the text up and made the slider go to each of them. I attach the example in SL3.

The slider lets you, in the format options of the main manu in SL, adjust it color, shape, etc. Both for the thumb and the scroll section.

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