Customize the skin or remove the skin or player completely.

May 09, 2015

Hello, I have used Lectora for a while and tried to create a new course using Storyline 2 as I heard that this tool allow our team to create non-linear courses within our quick and short time period.

The thing is our stake holders does not like the idea of having a player or skin. She wants to have more like a web site feel like without having a boxness of the player.

It sounds like she prefers to use objects within the content as a navigation tool and the player are unnecessary. She is very creative person and asks us to find a tool that we can put the content without the player. Also, she does not want to have a left navigation bar as well. I hope it makes sense.  

So my question is is there anyway we can completely remove the player including all the previous and next button etc. Please let me know whether you can do it or not in Storyline 2 or share some examples. 

In summary, we want to try Storyline becuase of our course content will be non-linear. Yet, we totally customize or remove the skin to make our site look like a web site. 



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