Customize the Try Again button fill color etc.

I've been customizing the Continue button in the Feedback Layer for quite some time, ever since watching Brian Batt's video at this thread:

But it seems these steps don't work for the button on the Try Again feedback Master. At least, I'm not getting it to work and I've tried a variety of things. But not matter what, the pesky default Try Again button takes over.

Anyone know how to do this - or can explain what I'm doing wrong?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Christine,

I'd not seen that article and thank you very much for pointing me to it.

I had already concluded that I could copy and paste the button onto each question slide, but was wanting to avoid that.

I'd not considered the variable solution. This is a bit better, but I was looking for something where I didn't have to manually make changes to every question slide that had more than one attempt. I understand it's a simple C/P for the trigger from one question slide to another, but it still kind of defeats the purpose of what a master is supposed to do, yes?

It does bring me a step closer, and I appreciate that.

Question: is there a reason the Try Again button behaves a bit differently than the continue button vis-a-vis the Feedback Master?

Tx again,  Christine.