Customized glossary (or transparent background slide).

Hello greatly respected community!

Help me, please, how can I create a glossary of this kind.
Video on Youtube:

Unfortunately, I don't understand how I can make a glossary as a slide with a transparent background?
I set transparent background in the slide master properties, but it doesn't work.

I would greatly appreciate the help.


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Helen Tyson

Hi Alexander

It looks like the glossary is on a layer that is built into the slide master.

  • On the slide master create a layer
  • The layer has a scrolling panel on it that contains a text box (or multiple text boxes) including all the terms.
  • Create a text variable that is referenced in a text box in the definitions part of the layer
  • You might want to try putting this text box in a scrolling panel too if you have some long definitions
  • Add triggers that update the variable to =Assignment the definition text when the user clicks the term
  • I'd also have a hotspot that covers the rest of the layer that has a trigger to hide the layer when you click it
  • Add a button to the master slide to open the layer

Give that a try and see how it works for you



Alexander Spep

Hi Helen!

Thank you very much! I tried to use your recipe.

On SlideMaster created Scrolling panel with terms, Text variable, region displays the value of this variable, depending on the choice of the term in a scrollable list. All is well. Layer with a glossary prepared (on the master slide).
But when I leave the mode "SlideMaster" and go back to the slides of my course, I do not have access to my layer with a glossary.
Join glossary_example.story so you can see the result of my actions.

What I'm doing wrong? Where is my mistake? Help please!

Helen Tyson

I've taken a quick look and it's very close to being there!

The problem is the placement of the trigger to open the layer. The trigger should be on the button on the master slide, not the hotspot on the slide itself.

I've made the change on the attached file so you can see the effect needed.

I've also added a hotspot to the layer that will close it so you can see how that works too.