Customized quiz report in Storyline

Hello! Using the many helpful posts in here,I have successfully changed the final quiz report look and can see it when I launch my quiz into Articulate Online.

However, I need the quiz to be embedded/imported into a Storyline project. When I import the same quiz the amended report.html does not follow and I get the stock report when I published Storyline project. How can I get the amended report to show in Storyline??


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Peter Anderson

Hi Kelly, 

I haven't tested it myself, but if you imported a Quizmaker quiz into Storyline, I think you may have to customize the report.html separately for Storyline. We don't officially support it, but you may be able to modify the report.html file in your published output (which is used for the Print Results feature in Storyline and Quizmaker) to make it look like a certificate. Here's how. 

Kelly Edmonds

Thank you for your help! I did alter the report.html report under the program files for Storyline. Previously I was altering the Quiz program file which wasn't helping.Anyways, altering the one in Storyline program files worked (and I ensured to rename the existing one as report_original.html, just in case!!!).

I followed the steps of the tutorial you suggested.

And I commented out the lines that showed the student answer and correct answer - we don't want that circulating.  I also amended some text under the body to include our organization name, quiz name, and added text  ('Student Name'), etc. Attached is my altered report.

I had troubles inserting our logo - nothing seemed to work. I used the html coding to

I will submit a request for the option to customize the quiz report as this was crazy!