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Is there a way to customize the built-in resources tab in the Storyline player to add text that is not a resource link?  The idea is I want to create a categorized list of resources under the single tab.  For example:

(opening text) Here are some useful links and documents:

List of site links:

Site Link 1

Site Link 2

Site Link 3

List of documents
Doc 1 link

Doc 2 link

Doc 3 link

I know as an alternative approach I can add a custom tab and display a lightbox slide, but I would prefer the more ‘elegant’ dropdown

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Gordon,

I'm afraid this isn't possible. I believe most would have responded with the suggestion to use a lightbox, but as you stated in your original post, you'd prefer not to use this method. 

Honestly, at this point, I think a lightbox would be a great option for you. You can certainly design it to appear more like the Resources list. Another option would be to create a slide in the course and remove it from the menu. Then, link to that slide with the tab. The issue with this is that the user will need to return to their previous slide, if they haven't finished reviewing the course content. You'd want to include an option to return to the previous slide.

Customization for the Resources tab has been a popular request lately. If you haven't already, I'd suggest submitting this as a feature request, so our development team can take a look:

Submit a feature request

Thanks and good luck with the project!


Gordon UBS Lam

Thanks so much for the two prompt replys.  I was hoping there might be some hack to an XML file but sadly that does not seem to be the case.  If you have seen any examples of people making a lightbox that looks like the resource tab please send them along.   I know it won’t look the same functionally as I assume lighbtoxes have to have that dark gray background behind them.  But maybe they don’t?