Customized restricted menu question

I am trying to find out if Storyline is capable of restricting menu navigation in a custom manner.  We are trying to allow learners to navigate only to a specific point, and restrict navigation beyond that point UNTIL they answer the review question for that section.  For example, I want to restrict them this way:

On a 27 slide course, they will only be allowed to navigate freely on slides 1-8 UNTIL they correctly answer the question on slide 9.  

Once slide 9 has been answered correctly, they can freely navigate from slides 1-17 UNTIL they correctly answer the question on slide 18.

They can then freely navigate the all of the course, since only the final slide remains unanswered.

Is there some way to set this up in Storyline?  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Latte,

The menu navigation options are detailed here, and although you could use a set up to disable the next button on an individual slide by slide basis, it won't change the behavior of the menu once a certain point is reached. You may want to look at creating a custom menu as a slide (you could add it as a player tab) and that would allow you to control the flexibility of when a user can click on certain elements and how far they can proceed.