Customized text entry response not working

Aug 26, 2015

Employees are completing a fill-in the blank activity.  They are to match the 6 Behaviors with the 6 Selling Steps.  I created free form pick one quiz and created text boxes for the employees to type the correct number in the blank. When the correct answers are typed, the correct buttons state is changed to selected when the user clicks submit with certain conditions and the same with the incorrect choices. Any combination of numbers are returning incorrect. 

The correct answers are: 

Close and Thank = 6


Ask= 3


Explain and Support= 5

Make a Presentation= 4

Any assistance would be great! 

Thank you! 

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Prashant Patil

hi Stephanie

you have selected the pick one free form and in that selected the choices correct and incorrect, but the buttons are kept outside the screen area so that user never selects the buttons and it always shows the incorrect feedback no matters what you have typed in those numeric fields , so you can achieve the functionality by using some additional triggers to show correct and incorrect feedback depending on the values you have inserted in the numeric fields, or you can try the graded type of question slides like matching drop-down or sequence Drop-down,  take a look at attached story file for reference


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Stephanie,

Prashant is on the right track - but there were a few other things I noticed in your file.

You're using the "incorrect' set up to show that the values of all of those files are not correct, when really to be scored incorrectly you'd only  have to get one wrong - so instead of using the "AND" condition you'll want to use the "OR" condition.

Also, you're basing this off of the value of the variables "NumericEntry" but that is not where the user's entries are being stored - they're stored in the corresponding variable such as "Ask", "invite", etc. 

Take a look at your attached updated copy. 

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