Customized tracking


This may not be the correct forum to post this in, but I'm not entirely sure where is. We are constructing a course in storyline 2 which consists of 6 units, each pretty much identical in form:

- ~10s intro video, no interaction

- ~15m screencast tutorial with some markers which - when clicked - pause the video and reveal a layer containing many more markers - a small amount of them contain some links that reveal some shapes when hovered over.

- a 5-layer slide with some brief information

-a quiz with it's own results slide


Now, we have been experimenting with several formats for distribution, consumption, and accessibility. Right now it seems the best solution is using the Tin Can API and uploading to Talent LMS. I've been researching and trying to get my head around how these things work (activities, nouns, verbs) and I wanted to know - has anyone successfully customized their TCAPI reports?


For example - We want to know if a user has clicked on the video-pausing-markers. Moreover we would like to know how long that user spent in that pausing layer. On the technical side, I have no clue how to modify the activities or create new ones, or even how this gets implemented to the LMS.

Any help would be appreciated.

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