Customized Try again button for drag and drop game

Oct 01, 2016

Hello Articlulate community,

I need help creating a "try again" button to allow a user to play the game again whether the answer is incorrect or correct.

I am using drop correct and drop incorrect states for the object. I added a button to each state to "try again". I cannot figure out how to get the "try again" button to work.

I do not want the user to click submit after they have drag the object to the target. I want immediate feedback whether they are correct or incorrect.

I included my file. The "Elktoe" image is the only image I have added triggers.

I hope this makes sense. This seems like a simple concept, but I am having problems figuring this one out.

Thanks for your assistance.


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Gayle

see if the attached works for you.

I only  worked on the first drag item and the first and second drop targets.

Instead of having the state change, I added the feedback, character and button on the correct or try again layer.

Drag first item to first drop - try again layer appears

Drag first item to second drop - correct layer appears

Hope this helps

Gayle Myers


I am noticing a minor thing with the "Play again" button.  When the mouse hovers over the "play again" text. It turns pink.  I did not see any states for the play again button.  I could be looking in the wrong place.  Hopefully this makes sense.  I included a screenshot of the image.



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