customizing drag and drop interaction warning message

May 07, 2015

When the learner chooses not to respond or chooses nothing over a drag and drop slide and press submit, the Storyline system will pop up a message "Invalid Answer. You must complete the question before submitting. OK" 

Question: How (and where) can where I customize and edit this message, say in Chinese and any other language, (as what I am doing now is intended for the Chinese market)?

Thank you.

Vincent Lau


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Vincent!

Articulate Storyline supports non-Western languages, including right-to-left scripts—such as Arabic and Hebrew—and double-byte character sets (DBCS)—such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean—so you can deliver content in any language.

Articulate Storyline lets you customize the default text used in messages and controls on your course player. You can even switch to a completely different language. Here's how.

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