Customizing Feedback Layers

I've been using the default feedback layers (see attached example) in my courses but have found the customization of these layers to be time-consuming. Many of my multiple choice questions contain choice-specific feedback; rather than a simple "Correct" or "Incorrect," the student will receive a detailed explanation of why their answer choice was right or wrong. Oftentimes, these explanations exceed the size of the feedback box. (I know that there is an autofit option, but sometimes the explanation is so long that the autofit makes the text too small to read.)

Since I can't change the size of the text box on the feedback layer, I've had to apply a blank slide layout from the feedback master, copy the text box from another master slide, and then paste it into the blank layer. Only then can I manipulate the text box. 

Is there an easier way to do this?

Thank you!

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Erica Chapman

Thanks Wendy. I wanted to find a way to change the size of the box based on the size of the feedback on the question slide itself rather than using the same feedback master every time. That's why I was using the blank layout and pasting in a flexible feedback text box, which I could then edit to fit the size of the feedback on the question slide. It looks like there is no other way around using the feedback master, though. I suppose I could use one feedback master with a very large text box that could fit all of my feedback, as you have shown. Thanks again for your help!

If anyone has found a way to make feedback layers more flexible, please let me know!