Customizing menu based on User Response

Does anyone know how to customize the hamburger menu in SL360 based on the user's inputs? For example, if User A selects (or clicks) a blue button, the menu/options they see will be different from User B, who selects the green button. Does anyone know how to create this set up with branching or triggers? I don't have that much experience with variables, so I hope I don't need those. Any suggestions would really be helpful. 


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Jerry Beaucaire

Once you decide to create your own left side menu, it's not too hard.  First, turn OFF the built in MENU.  Too much plumbing to try and do it there.

Then make your project a custom size, make it 20% wider or so.  You can use the extra space on the left for your custom menu.

To build two completely different menus, I would do it with LAYERS in the SLIDE MASTER.

  1. Open the slide master menu
  2. Select the master you will use for these slides
  3. Add two layers to the master, one called BLUE, one called GREEN
  4. Drop a colored box on that extra 20% section on the left, make the color of the box the same color as the player background if you want it to blend well into the player.

  5. Now add text boxes on top of this box on the left, basically just build out your BLUE menu.
  6. Add triggers to each text box to "JUMP TO SLIDE X" when clicked

  7. Repeat this process on the GREEN layer, copy in the BLUE layer content, then edit it for the new different menu as needed.

The last thing is to make these master layer's menus appear on the left automatically:

  1. First create a TEXT variable called "CustomMenu", leave the default blank
  2. Now on the slide master's base level, add two triggers:
    • Show layer BLUE when timeline starts on this slide if Variable: CustomMenu = BLUE
    • Show layer GREEN when timeline starts on this slide if Variable: CustomMenu = GREEN

Back in the main course, on your BLUE and GREEN buttons, add triggers to set value CustomMenu to BLUE or GREEN on each of the buttons.

That should pretty much do it.   After they have clicked the BLUE/GREEN choice, any slides that come after that that use the Slide Master you created with the Menu layers, the chosen menu will overlay on the left side all the time.

Pretty nifty.  I've used this technique several times to create custom left side and top drop-down menus.