Customizing Quiz Question Slide Master

Based on my company's style guide and my choice for the background, I'd like to change the look of the Quiz Questions. I'm wanting to adjust the fill color for the "Hover" state from the default transparent Aqua to more or a Transparent Charcoal and then set the default style for the Radio Button and Click Boxes. Since I am creating a template to be used by other designers, I'd like to do this within the Slide Master to ensure consistency. I'm not seeing a method to adjust just these features with in the Slide Master, only on an individual Question Slide. 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jeff,

Have you looked at changing the Theme colors? A lot of those options you're looking to change such as the hover are controlled there. 

You could also set up a bunch of individual question slides and instruct your colleagues to use that as a template and duplicate the slides to create new questions.  Here's a bit more detail on how to set up a template and share it with your fellow designers.