Customizing Quiz Retake?

Oct 06, 2015

Hello fellow E-Learning Heroes!

I have a client that wants some customization on retaking the final quiz at the end of a course, and I haven't found anything helpful, so I'm hoping the forum will have some answers to this!


My client wants to set up a course that has a quiz at the end of each scene (we will call them modules). The final result slide is based on the cumulative score of all the sections.  If the user gets a failing grade, they want the course to redirect them to the module (and it's questions) that they got wrong, just to retake that specific section.  Is it possible to do this through branching?  Please advise.

If so, how would I set that up? Is there another method besides branching to achieve this? Or is it all just a client pipe dream.

Looking forward to any and all feedback and comments and advice!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Valeria -- Thanks for your question and explanation of what you are hoping to accomplish for your client! I will defer to the community to make specific suggestions, however, I wanted to stop in and mention that you would also be able to share your question over in the Building Better Courses forum, as well! Those folks also have lots of creative solutions and ideas for making lots of requests possible. Best of luck with your project. :)

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