Customizing Storyline Player within SL

May 18, 2012

First of all, I just found out about SL yesterday. I was so excited to see that you can do so many things WITHIN SL. But when I reviewed the tutorials about how to customize the player, I was left a little frustrated.

The options for the 4-built ins are great (menu, glossary, resources,notes), but what if you don't want them on the sidebar. What if you want them to float at the top, or bottom of the player, or even as floating tabs, etc.

Is this possible? Did I miss that tutorial somewhere?

Also the option to change button styles, color, etc. for the navigation - Prev/Next and the placement.

I do not know how to write XML files to create the brand template that we currently use.

So, any workaround options would be greatly appreciated.

Just really surprised that everything was so well thought out here - almost a one-stop shop, EXCEPT this very important feature.


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Bruce Graham

Hi April,

To move things around, just highlight, then use the "blue arrows" to move things around the sections, (see image below).

Some options are not available, however, you can  add (for example) an icon to your master slides, that triggers a layer with content - virtually anything is possible. Not sure if "floating" is possible.

If you want custom buttons, just remove the defaults using the "gear" icon on the slide, (means you can disable at the individual slide level), or at the story level (see image 2), and create your own using the button wizard, or text + a trigger, or image + a trigger etc. It is very simple to do.

Hope this helps.

What else do you need in your brand template?


For some more + examples see here.

Hope this helps.


April Caldwell

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for your response. I've tried moving the built-ins around with the up and down arrows, but that only seems to shift the order in which they appear on the sidebars. I need the built-ins to appear on the bottom of the player (see graphic).

Also when I removed the player buttons on the slide level and created custom buttons, those custom buttons appeared on the slide, not on the bottom of the player. And, I'd really like to utilize the built-in features of the player, rather than having to create similar functionality for each and every slide. (yikes)

In short, I want the built-in functionality of menu and resources to be on the bottom of the player, and master navigation buttons to be  customizable on the player.

Our current brand template looks something like this:

Bruce Graham


Not suggesting that you need to build for every slide - you build it into the Slide Master, then take out all the other defaults.

Here's an image and the associated .story file that sort of shows what you can do - have not ccompleted it all but you should get the idea.

Hope this helps.

You can assign buttons at the Slide Master level, then they will work on everything you do.

SL does not allow complete flexibility with the built-in functions, but you should be able to build something that fits your needs.


Milton Edwards

Thanks for this thread; however, once I've customized a player "look N feel" (to include adding colors and formatting to built-in buttons), I'd like to use the same look N feel and functionality of the button(s) throughout my course on various slides and rename them to suit my needs. Is this possible? I know I can disable the player built-ins and design custom slide buttons, but why recreate the wheel when I should be able to copy a player button's design and functionality (assummed Flash) and use it elsewheres throughout the training ... renaming, resizing, etc. as needed? How can I achieve player button reuse? My custom buttons in my course today do not have the same look N feel as my player buttons. Although close, they're just not the same as the player buttons, and it's noticeable. Thanks!

Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to the community, Laura!

There isn't a built in way to do this. You'd need to be able to place content over the player in order for it to show up over the "gray" area. 

The only thing that comes to mind is possibly a web object, since these hover over the player. However, keep in mind that this will cover other content, too. It might be a bit tricky, but it may work. 

If not, you could remove the player buttons and minimize the space taken up by the player, then build a bottom bar that appears to be a part of the player, along with custom buttons and your copyright text. 

Here's a quick (and rough) example of a web object over the player:

Copyright Web Object

Now, obviously you can get a little more creative with your own text. What I did was create the text in Storyline, saved it as an image and uploaded it to a server. I pulled the image in as a web object and placed it off the slide, around where I believed it would hover over the bottom section of the player. 

You could really get creative and match the background of the image with the player color. This would really help in creating an overall "flush" and combined appearance. 

I hope this helps!


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