Customizing the Player - directory Tab - med Avatar


I´m already a  little bit familiar with customizing the Player -but

is there a possibilty  to add a text or a picture in the grey part of the player (left beside the prev and next buttons)?

if yes, is it possible to customize this text depending on the slide?

and one other question:

if i make a player tab called "directory" - i would build a slide an this slide would open, but: is i possible, that

this slide opens like a drop-down menu?

and the last question:

do you have photographic medical avatars?

I just started making eLearning with Articulate for a medical publisher in Austria...

Thx a lot


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Alf Peherstorfer

Hey ! Thanks for your answers -

1) yes, i know the tutorial - what i want to do is to put a text (the logo etc) in the grey  scale beside the prev and next button. i can´t find anything - also no example for that - perhaps it´s not possible

2) yes...this could be a solution

3) ok!


best from vienna