Customizing the players menu

Hi, I have a question with regard to the players menu: How to hide some slides in the menu? 

I thought I can do that by 

Player properties - Menu - mark the not usable headings - and delete it. 

With this procedure, the menu will be fine, but the problem is, that I cannot see the deleted "slides/headings" in the preview and also in the published version. 

What do I wrong?

BR  Steffi


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Steffi,

As you said, the Player properties let you delete slides from the built-in Menu.

  • When you delete a slide there, the program only deletes the name of the slide from the Menu. The actual slide remains in the course.
  • Deleting a slide from the Menu means you can't access the slide by clicking it in the Menu.
  • Changing the built-in Menu does not alter any other programming in the course.

It sounds like you're unable to access those slide while going through the course via Preview and in published files. If that's the case, check whatever triggers are used to access the slides that seem to be missing. It could be that a trigger was inadvertently changed and/or deleted.