Customizing the Quiz Feedback Layers

Hi, All.

I am trying to customize the feedback layers on quiz slides-- I'd like to recolor the gray panel and, if possible, resize it.  When I select a feedback layer on a quiz slide and press F5, I can edit the text, but not the color or size of the panel. I have searched for help on this topic in the forums but got no hits.  I have seen videos that teach other topics that show a customized feedback panel, but I don't recall hearing how to do that.

If there is a link you can send to me, or some advice, I would appreciate it.

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Richard Harshaw

Thanks, Ashley!

I found that link late  yesterday and was able to change the feedback master, no problem.

But now I have another question.  My client would like for me to shade the incorrect feedback a light red or pink, and the correct feedback light green. I was able to modify the feedback master for the pink shading and saved it as "incorrect", but the "correct" layer is the same color.

Is there a way to create TWO feedback colors so that the feedback is the right color based on the learner's response?  When I clicked on the  "correct" layer in the feedback master, I could not modify the rectangle or its shading. I could only do that for the first slide at the top of the feedback master tree.

Thanks for your help!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Richard,

You'll need to duplicate the feedback master, and make changes to the top layer of each. I labeled one Correct and one Incorrect - and then went into my individual feedback layers to select which master to use. It's a bit more work that way, but each of the individual feedback master layers is based on the top one. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nick,

Yes, they save within the project and as you said, if you need to transfer them into another Storyline project - copy/paste is viable option.  If you create a custom design theme and use that on your slide master, you can follow the directions in this tutorial to save that as a template that you'd be able to apply to new projects.