Cutting for Screencast Videos?

Aug 19, 2019

Since I couldn't figure out how to cut the middle part of my video, I checked some discussions about video editing. However, I still don't find anything helpful. Please provide some tips. Thanks.

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Ren Gomez

Hi there Lin,

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes! 🌟

You can find some great tips and a video tutorial on editing screencast videos here! It covers how to use the Action Fine-Tuning Editor to find the exact frame in your screencasts.

If you'd like more details on video-editing, these user guides here will come in handy.

Hope this helps!

Lin Lin

Thank you Ren. I‘ve seen the videos. I hope Articulate could develop a function of splitting the clip besides trimming. I really like how Articulate present the content slide by slide with a customized player. However, without the function of splitting clip, it is a little inconvenient. In order to solve this problem, I have to spend more than 4 hours to export the file as local video file and then edit them in other video editing tool. That is to say, the video format can only present the content as a whole video instead of slide by slide.

Vincent Scoma

Hey Lin, 

I appreciate the added insight here! We are always welcome to Feature Requests! If you'd like to see this type of change, I'd love to have you share more thoughts with our team here.

Another option that might help was a suggestion made in this community thread. The post provides a workflow on trimming the middle portion of a screencast using Replay. 

If you have any other questions on this, please let us know! 

Lin Lin

Hey Vincent,

Thank you for your reply. Before posting this question, I actually used the same way in Storyline 360 as the author did in the Replay. It worked but not efficient enough since I have to import the video again and spend time looking for the cutting point.

I will submit my request to the link you shared since I saw some posts from 7 years ago talking about this "Split" function already. I really hope our requests or ideas could be heard. Thank you again.

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