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I have used a freeform D and D in a course and have included a Try Again. Is there any way to have the objects snap back to their original location when the learner clicks 'Try Again'. I have used a Reset button in the past that jumps back to the slide but Storyline resets the number of attempts to 0 if I use a reset button.

Am I missing something obvious?




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Andrew Wills

I guess sometimes asking the question makes you think about it from a different angle. I solved this by adding my own "Try Again" variable and then a couple of triggers to increment and reset the variable when required.

If anyone is interested in the full explanation and a sample file let me know.


Andrew Wills

So our problem was that we wanted to give the learner 2 attempts at a drag and drop review question. We also wanted the draggable objects to snap back for the second attempt. For that we just a "Jump to slide" back to the DandD slide.

This however gave us an infinite loop of Try Again. So we added a numbered variable that was incrimented when the learner click the Try Again button. On the learners second incorrect attempt attempt, when they click Submit, the Incorrect box is displayed. From the Incorrect dialog box, when they click Continue they are taken to a review page.  From the review page, the learner can be sent back to the original question or a new question covering the same content.

I hope that makes sense. I have a attached a sample. If you have any questions or know of a more elegant way to get the same result please let me know.