D&D With multiple Drag options and only one drop target

Sep 28, 2015

Hi all,

I have a drag and drop activity having three drag options A.() B.() and C.() and only one drop target and only one answer correct so i have kept the other two drop targets outside the screen area and adjust the feed back using triggers but due to this i am not able to track the interaction details for this question, and then i tried some tricks in which one worked which was adding the dragables in free form without ant=y drop target but i don't know if it is appropriate, please i need to know if any other work around is there?? thank you ....

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Prashant!

I fear that I may not be understanding your issue, but having different drag objects and only one drop target with one correct answer is a feasible scenario utilizing standard feedback.

In this image, only '2' is correct to be dropped in the frame to the right. 

Is this what you are asking? If not, please share a file with some further explanation so I can try to assist.

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