dark background instead of light when published

Hi all. I'm having issues with the background of my project when I publish it. It is a light peach color until it is in publish mode. Then it turns a dark, murky brown color. I have had this problem before, and in the past I solved it by clicking on the Hide Background Graphics button in the master. However, it doesn't even give me that option now. I am attaching the project and two screenshots. Thanks!

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Joe Dey

So April, I'm not sure what has happened with your file, but all I did was go into the Design menu, Background Style, Format Background and then selected a colour close to yours.  Seemed to do the trick.  So I'm guessing there was an issue with your colours palette and the background colour. Anyhow, try deleting your background colour and re selecting the colour you want. That's all I did.


Bob O'Donnell

Didn't get to the bottom of why your slide was turning dark on publish - however, I started with a fresh slide and made your background color part of the Slide Master and it previewed and published fine for me.

Unless you created them on purpose - you may want to clean up your slide masters, you have 15 different versions of them. I initially thought that was part of the issue but your sample slide wasn't using any of the dark masters, at least as far as I could tell. I only took a very quick look.

Try setting the elements that never change on your slide Master. Your navigation can be set on each slide unless it only ever goes to the same menu you have currently set. I left that alone.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi April,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your .story file so that we could take a look.

It looks like you got some great assistance from Joe and Bob as well :)

I noticed that you are using the Dark Theme in the Modern Player and that the background on your slide was set to 66% transparency. That explains the darkness you are seeing in your published output.

The difference in the preview and publish is an issue that has been reported to our team and I've tagged this conversation as well so that we can share any updates with you here.

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, April,

You might’ve seen in this discussion that we released Update 49 for Storyline 360 which includes the fix for:

When the slide background was semi-transparent, the player frame color showed through the slide as expected in the published output. However, transparency didn’t work on the slide stage or during preview.

Make sure to update Storyline 360 on your Articulate 360 Desktop App to take advantage of this fix!