Data Entry fields show previous entries when they get focus

Oct 09, 2020

Morning, All! 

I wonder whether anyone has experienced this issue.

I have a series of data entry fields on a screen. When I preview the screen, the data entry fields work fine. However, if I publish to Review 360 or to LMS, when the data entry field gets focus - either by the user clicking on the field or by tabbing to it, I get an additional box appearing showing ALL of that field's previous entries (See attached screenshot).

This happens regardless of whether it is a Numeric or Text data entry field.

I've tried explicitly initialising each data entry variable, but this doesn't avoid the problem. I've also removed the DE fields from he tab order, but again, the problem doesn't go away.

Would appreciate any help/suggestions.

Many thanks and rgds,


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Jonathan Huguenin

Hello Martin,

I just looked at your problem and the capture.

The problem does not come from your Storyline or the construction of your course.

In fact, it's your browser that keeps the fields you've entered in memory. So learners who have never done the exercise won't see this (you can try it with another browser or by putting yourself in private browsing).

I hope I could have helped you a little. Don't hesitate if you have any questions.

Have a nice day.

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