Data Entry number not seen on the Mobile App

Hey All:

Happy Thanksgiving in advance!

I am trying to not be a turkey by solving this weird puzzle. In the attached SL file, the data entry fields requiring the user to enter a number between 1-4 works perfectly fine on a PC. However, on an iPad (that's all I have tested yet via tablet) using it in the LMS' app, when trying to enter a number in the data field, the number is not showing upon entry. Is this something in iOS? Or in the App perhaps?

One of you - or many - are likely smarter than I, so help me please try to avoid being the turkey for Thanksgiving. 

Thanks for any help...


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Ali Goulet

Hey Edward,

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! ūü¶É

Thanks for sharing your file and allowing me to take a look. I noticed the publishing settings were set for Articulate Online, so before I continue with testing I want to verify a couple details:

  • Does this issue happen when you publish it to Articulate Online and view it in the Articulate Mobile Player app?

  • Is this happening after you upload it to an LMS and view it using that particular learning management system's app?

Let me know and I'll continue digging in with you!