Data entry trigger issues

Jun 05, 2014

Hello to all. I could use some help. I am creating a keystroke simulation where data entry boxes are used to move through the module. I need the enter key (which is primarily used to submit, but I did remove all buttons. I navigate by using the arrows) The tab button is used to move to the next field, which is really to move to the other slide. The trigger is Set Text Entry equal to the typed value when control looses focus and then Show layer  when control loses focus if text entry is equal to...(ignore case)  Now this all worked well until I republished and now it does not. Interestingly enough, a previous version save to my laptop does still work and it is the same triggering. I sent this file out to support but they did not provide much info. Any body have insight or ideas on this. I have like 5 more of these due by end of month.

Thanks in advance.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Khalil,

I see that you're working on a case with Jonathan (# 00403922 for my reference) and he requested taking a look at your .story files and it looks like you've had difficulty uploading it and just got it to him recently? I can continue to follow along to update this thread with any additional information you and Jonathan are able to determine. 

Khalil Rivera

Thank you Ashley. I could not upload the file as it would send an error, but I did send it over to another outside individual. Waiting on a response.

From what it looks like on my end is that the Tab and Enter key are not going to work out. I have the trigger for "control loses focus" if text entry is equal to ....(ignore case) but no dice. I did uncheck the Alt Text for Object visibility to accessibility tools for all items on the slide, but cant do it for any of the player items like the previous and back buttons or menu, resources, etc. By pressing the tab key, it will highlight one of those items and then the user would press enter and interrupt the simulation by opening one of the items. My next option would be to use a UPK simulation but I was hoping Storyline could handle this task.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Khalil,

It may be getting caught up  as the control doesn't lose focus until the user clicks outside of it or presses the enter key - and I see that Jonathan also let you know about the default behavior of the enter key - so it may be worth creating a sample/mocked up version of your course that you could share here so the community could take a look and offer some other ideas or solutions for you. 

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