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Hi All, 

I am trying to create a slide/lesson where the learner will need to enter multiple lines of text on a slide before they can move on. I'm only running into a problem because I can't trigger the data entry to change to a visited or selected state. Since, I cannot change the data entry state I don't know how to make the "next" button appear after the learner has entered in all of the text I would like them to complete. 

Also, I know recording a simulation would be easier then creating from scratch, but in this case it deals with personal information in which if I use a "dummy" employee the learners will not know the answers to type in. 

Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you,


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Betty, 

As Crystal mentioned, the text reference will display the text exactly as it was entered, so it won't force the text to be in ALL CAPS. 

I can definitely understand how the ability to customize the sentence case would be really helpful in this scenario, so I would be glad to pass along this idea to our team for you! We always appreciate this kind of feedback, so thanks for letting us know how we can make things better. ☺️ 

Heather Vogt

I'm sure this is pretty easy, but how do you hide the standard Next button until a user enters something in a text entry box?

My trigger panel is pictured and I attached my file; when previewing, the Next button doesn't appear when I type my name in the text entry box. 

Thanks for any help!

Shaun Martin

Hi Heather,

The way you've currently got your triggers set up is that the trigger to change the next button to visible is only running when the slide begins/timeline starts. And when the slide starts it will always be empty. If you change the trigger to run either when the 'control loses focus' on the text box or when the 'LearnerName' variable updates then the next button will appear.

You might need to include some sort of 'submit button' once the learner enters their name though as both of the triggers I mentioned above require the screen to clicked to trigger them...

Hope this helps!

Heather Vogt

Hello, Shaun! Thanks for the quick reply.

What does "Control loses focus" mean? I see those words associated with the Text Entry and assume it has something to do with there being some type of activity on the user's side (entering text perhaps), but what does it literally mean? What's the "control"? What does it mean when it "loses focus"? I tried this trigger and wasn't that impressed; there seemed to be a lag of some sort.

Based on your response I tried a couple triggers; one of them didn't work (Variable changes) and the other one (control loses focuses) had a weird lag.

Finally, I created a Submit button and set up my trigger panel like this:

And that works swimmingly! Thanks!

Shaun Martin

Glad you got it working! My understanding of 'control loses focus' is that the user stops interacting with the object and interacts with another part of the screen... so in this case if you simply stop typing in the text entry field nothing will happen, but if you click the submit button (or something else on the screen) then that counts as focus being lost (from the object).

Clear as mud?! That's my understanding of it - though someone more experienced than me might be able to provide a better explanation.