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How is it going Articulate family!?

I'm in the process of finishing a project for my Master's synthesis and only have one little area that needs to be in place before I go back for any final revisions.

Here is the goal, the subject will watch a video and look for certain behaviors within a 10-second timeframe around a target participant.  The video is setup and good to go with visual cues at 10-second intervals.

The problem that I am attempting to solve is the data table.  Ideally, I'd like a 2x5 or 2x10 table that can receive a "check" if the stimulus resulted in the desired outcome.  The video describes the stimulus as "on-task" behavior, so if the behavior is present I want the learner to click the appropriate box (e.g. 2 "Y" axis' with a present or not present and some boxes next to them for the check.

In order to achieve this, would it be better to make a freeform "click all that apply" and have that underneath the movie or input some sort of excel sheet and set up a "change state" trigger for each box?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Matt,

Sounds like an interesting Master's project you've got there! I'm no design expert, so I'll defer to the community for the best method here - but I'd say using a freeform pick many question would be the best fit if you need to track and report out on their answers. Just keep in mind that Storyline doesn't have a tables insert function so you'll need to build it from scratch. Also, the scoring will be all or nothing - so keep that in mind as you develop your course!

Hope you're able to share what you've come up with once you're done! 

Matt Sustaita

Here is what I created so far:

check boxes

I have my video up top, quick instructions on the right side.  Then underneath it there are 3 different options to choose and if the behavior that you are tracking, in this case being on task and reading, is observed, you click the box every 10-seconds to track how frequently the target is on/off task.

I do not really mind if the percent feature is not there, and figure these educators can figure that piece out themselves, as it is in increments of 10%.  However, if I did want to include a percent at the end, how would I go about doing that?  Currently, it is just a check box for visual/interactive purposes, as this was build for educators with a Master's level experience who are accustomed to data collection.

Thanks family!

Michael Hinze

As Ashley mentioned, this can be done with a pick many freeform question. The percentages cna be calculated with triggers and numeric variables. See attached a quick (rough) example of how this might work. I calculated the On-Task variable for illustration. Of course, this can also be turned into a scoreable interaction. There are lots of options here. For example, I didn't know if learners should be allowed to 'go back' and select options from a previous timeframe. But maybe this gets you started.