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Harri S

Hi Michael

All videos/audio/images are inside the storyline file itself.

Also, having looked at my files sizes I'm not sure my assumption about the data usage for them is correct. So, for example, if one of my courses published and zipped is 7kb, does that mean it takes 7kb to access it? That doesn't sound right to me. 

Thank you 


Harri S

oh that's odd - I posted a comment saying 7mb not 7kb, guess it didn't post.

Anyways, so learners are only accessing the content that is hosted in the LMS, I guess a bit like streaming a video on YouTube rather than downloading it, so I'm not convinced the amount of data they would need to access it is equal to the file size.

Additionally, the LMS sends data back and forth in order to register where the learner is in the course and mark completion, does that factor into this or is that a negligible amount?

I would really appreciate a techie answer on this.

Michael Anderson

LMS data sent back and forth is negligible. The main thing will be the base Articulate code at about 2MB in size. After that add up the size of any audio or video media. As long as you have not embedded any streaming media or web objects, the total size of your published output should roughly reflect the amount of data downloaded from your server.

This article talks about how to measure data used in Chrome, you might want to try this. http://osxdaily.com/2013/07/05/monitor-web-bandwidth-usage-easily-with-chrome/