Deactivate submit button while on layer


I am not yet comfortable with variable but at the moment I need to deactivate submit button while a layer is open.

I have put the Return button on the layer, but since the submit button is also active, some students may click the Submit button while they have to click the Return button instead.  I have read a posting on a similar issue, unfortunately I cannot find it. Please guide me how to DEACTIVATE SUBMIT button while a layer is open.

Thank you!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Widya,

I'm not completely following you on the "return" button. Is this a custom button you've made, or do you have your course set to advance by hitting the enter/return key on the keyboard?

I'm not sure if this is the thread you were talking about, but as Alex states in the post, you cannot disable a the player's submit button while showing a layer. Have you considered using a custom button, as he suggests?