Deactivating question mark button on base slide once lightbox quiz slide is completed

Hello there,

 I have base slide that has a question mark.  When you click on the question mark, it lightboxes a slide with a quiz.  Once the learner has completed the quiz, sees feedback and X out of the lightbox, I would like the question mark on the base slide to be disabled.

 How do I do this?

 Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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David Schwartz

Hi RG,

Here's one way to do it, attached. I used a T/F variable that gets set to True when the learner clicks the Continue button after receiving feedback. On the screen from which the lightbox is launched I added a trigger that runs when the variable changes. Normally I don't trigger things based on the change of a variable, because often the variable has changed on another screen, and then the trigger doesn't "see" it happen. 

In this case, I assume because the screen calling the lightbox is still open, it works.