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Oct 15, 2013

Help please......

On a slide where you have added conditions that need to be met before the Next button jumps to the next slide, is there a way to have a message appear alerting the learner that something needs to be done before the Next button can be clicked?

For example, on a slide with 4 buttons that show 4 layers, I have added conditions that all buttons must be in a visited state before jumping to the next slide. Or on another course, I have to added a condition to not allow the Next button to jump to the next slide until the audio has finished. How do I inform my learners?


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Anna Veach

I would suggest creating another trigger that makes a new layer appear with a message that says "Please click all buttons before continuing" or some other verbiage, maybe "The Next button will be active when the audio has completed". I think you can trigger it to appear if anywhere outside of the buttons are clicked. I'm not sure about the audio, that one might be a little trickier to trigger.

When I had the condition that all buttons must be clicked, I added a line to the first screen that was sort of an intro screen reading "All buttons must be selected for the Next button to become active." or something to that effect.

Does that help?

Danny Blais

Hi Maureen,

I have done a similar concept using a light box. I created the the slide informing the user of certain criteria that is demanded of them then I set the "main" slide trigger  to "open lightbox" when timeline starts thus informing the user of what needs to be done, they close the lightbox and off they go.

You can do this in layers as well by creating a layer and show layer when timeline starts on the slide trigger. I prefer the lightbox method.

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